Routes into Aviation

Airport Security Fence

Aviation Security

Aviation security (Avsec) is a critical component of the aviation industry, ensuring the security of staff, aircraft, passengers, crew and property.

aircraft finance

Aircraft Finance & Leasing

There is a considerable demand for leasing & financing aircraft. Discover the roles and pathways to lessors, banks and asset management companies. 

green aviation1

Green Investing & ESG

We believe the best entry point into the Green Investing subject is through action.
Open Rotor Concept

eVTOL. Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Hydrogen and Electric Aircraft. All the ways we will get to #NetZero 2050


Aerospace Engineers

Design, development, and testing of aircraft, spacecraft and other cutting-edge technology are the main goals of this dynamic and fascinating discipline.

Gannt Manual

Aircraft Maintenance

Learn how to join the AMT and Aircraft Mechanic ranks through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  or European Aviation Safety Agency EASA Part-66 license pathways.


Airport Operations

This resource is for anyone seeking jobs at the airport and want to know which ones pay the best and what qualifications are desirable. 

operations control centre

Airline Flight Operations

This is an overview of the various roles and responsibilities involved in managing an airline’s flight operations under both FAA and EASA jurisdictions.
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