Aerospace Undergraduates

Who this guide is for

  • Students looking at the aviation sector for their third level education.
  • Undergraduates embarking on an aviation or aerospace linked degree course.
  • University Staff who advise students on careers, internship programs and recruitment pathways.
  • Parents and Mentors researching aerospace for resources on roles, job markets and career prospects.

Every year, tens of thousands of school kids look at aviation and aerospace engineering when considering the next steps in their academic lives.

And what a crucial step that’s going to be.

If it was up to us, we would take everyone. But thankfully it isn’t! and so we welcome you in your search for information on what life in our industry is like.  Life as it is now, but more importantly, in the future.

You see, we need great minds in aviation. Why? Because we have a lot of challenges that need solving. And by a lot – We mean pretty much everything.

From Airplane design and Engine design – to the energy we use and how we produce it – to how we manage aircraft – to how we can integrate unmanned vehicles into our ever-crowded airspace.

The world needs aviation. It is the “physical Internet” – the way we connect and stay connected to family, friends, and the world. But we need these connections to be free from harmful emissions – and we don’t have a lot of time to find the solutions. 2050 in fact. 

Aviation needs to be reinvented. And to do that, we need inventors. 

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    Top Aviation Scholarships

    Scholarships are a staple of the Aviation Industry. They are vital links between aviation jobs and the students we need to fill them.

    Below is a list of scholarship programs to get you started, but know this:

    • Scholarships are available across the Aviation Industry
    • Some organizations are Worldwide
    • There are Scholarships specifically for Women, African Americans, and the LGBTQ+ communities
    • We need Scholarship programs for all roles. Not just Pilots
    • We need Aviation Scholarships specifically for those with disabilities or with accessibility needs. 

    Best Aviation Recruitment Fairs

    Here's some of the biggest recruitment fairs in aviation:

    • The Royal Aeronautical Society still one of the best resources on the web for Aerospace Engineering careers. While the meet-up is in the UK, their support network and tools are some of the best
    • FAA Virtual Career fair managed by the Federal Aviation administration but fully online so a valuable experience for any English-speaking student looking at any Aviation role on the spectrum
    • United Airlines the Airlines do it too! So, it’s good to keep an eye on operators on your radar – some of which have opportunities in stations around the world
    •  Airbus the same goes for the OEM market. Boeing has a great careers website too with videos and resources. 
    • Canada Countries do it too. Especially those that have specialized aerospace sectors, like Canada on the technical side. Ireland on the leasing side. 
    • Aviation Jobs Expo some entities are job specific and there are many in-person and virtual events you can attend. 
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    Key Aeronautical Societies and Groups

    Here's Groups and Societies specific to Aerospace:

    •  FAA Safety Team endless resources, content, and training across all sectors of aviation from the nose of the aircraft to the ATA tower.
    • International Forum for Aviation Research backed by ICAO with a list of members from around the Globe including the USA and China. This is all about active working groups working on Aviation’s biggest issues such as Fuel, Air Traffic Management, and new Composites.
    • Pegasus if you are based in the EU and you are looking at undergraduate courses in aviation, you need to be aware of Pegasus. It is a partnership of the EU’s top Aerospace Universities. 

    Aviation Libraries and Databases

    • Royal Aeronautical Society:  home of the national aerospace library and other tremendous resources and content for aerospace engineering and maintenance
    • Eurocontrol: not just Air Traffic control, here you will find books, the excellent Skyway magazine and think papers on all this aviation. 
    • Skybrary: probably the best source of airplane technical and aerodynamic designs and theory on the internet. Should be your first port of call if you seek the aviation fundamentals. 
    • Federal Aviation Administration:  The Fed Library has it all. If you are US based and need a single place to bookmark this is it. The FAA are the best at supporting their sector and this is another example. 
    • FAA Safety: the FAASafety group are another section of the US Federal Aviation Administration. Another great resource for all fields of aviation.

    Aerospace Associations

    Articles & Features

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