Aviation Resources for kids. Parents and Teachers

When we are young, airplanes are one of the first toys we play with. Children instinctively know what they represent. They immediately feel the excitement. “How do planes fly?” is always the first question. 

kids aircraft

Learning about aviation from an early age is important to understand our challenges as we evolve. Whether manned or unmanned or using fuel or Hydrogen or electricity. Right now, Aviation needs bright young minds to help us on the journey ahead.

Aviation has come a long way and it continues to provide a way for humans to explore the world and to meet friends and family. It is also a wonderful place to work and learn.

In this section we have curated many resources from around the web. Each section contains interesting videos, activities, or other places on the web to visit.

It’s important for everyone, but mostly children, to learn how we use energy to produce and operate airplanes. To learn where that energy comes from and how to make that sustainable.

What’s most exciting however, is our future.  And we need young minds to help us realize it…

"How Airplanes fly" Videos

Drone Safety

Advice from national authorities on the use of drones

Student Activities

There are some fantastic educational and resources for creativity provided by the Aviation Industry.

 OEM’s, Airlines and Regulators all provide ways for kids and students to get involved in aviation at an early age.  Innovation is a key focus, especially around #NetZero2050

"Flying Safe" for Kids

Aviation YouTube Channels

Aviation Libraries

  • Royal Aeronautical Society:  home of the national aerospace library and other tremendous resources and content for aerospace engineering and maintenance
  • Eurocontrol: not just Air Traffic control, here you will find books, the excellent Skyway magazine and think papers on all this aviation. 
  • Skybrary: probably the best source of airplane technical and aerodynamic designs and theory on the internet. Should be your first port of call if you seek the aviation fundamentals. 
  • Federal Aviation Administration:  The Fed Library has it all. If you are US based and need a single place to bookmark this is it. The FAA are the best at supporting their sector and this is another example. 
  • FAA Safety: the FAASafety group are another section of the US Federal Aviation Administration. Another great resource for all fields of aviation.
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