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Soaring into Aviation Jobs

Welcome to the WingTalkers Guide to Aviation Jobs. Whether you’re a young enthusiast or someone looking to change career paths, this guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to explore all aviation jobs. We cover and link to all aspects of our dynamic industry, from different career opportunities to key qualifications and insider insights. From Airport to Advanced Air Mobility.

And boy do we need you. Aviation is changing for the better and we need new minds to breath new, sustainable life into classic technology. So fasten your seatbelt, and let’s take off. 


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    Understanding the Aviation Industry

    This Landing page is just the start. Below you will find direct links to the aviation employment opportunities you may be looking for. If you are – feel free to just climb aboard. 

    Aviation Job Categories


    Aerospace Engineers

    Design, development, and testing of aircraft, spacecraft and other cutting-edge technology are the main goals of this dynamic and fascinating discipline.

    Gannt Manual

    Aircraft Maintenance

    Learn how to join the AMT and Aircraft Mechanic ranks through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  or European Aviation Safety Agency EASA Part-66 license pathways.


    Airport Operations

    This resource is for anyone seeking jobs at the airport and want to know which ones pay the best and what qualifications are desirable. 

    operations control centre

    Airline Flight Operations

    This is an overview of the various roles and responsibilities involved in managing an airline’s flight operations under both FAA and EASA jurisdictions.
    Airport Security Fence

    Aviation Security

    Aviation security (Avsec) is a critical component of the aviation industry, ensuring the security of staff, aircraft, passengers, crew and property.

    aircraft finance

    Aircraft Finance & Leasing

    There is a considerable demand for leasing & financing aircraft. Discover the roles and pathways to lessors, banks and asset management companies. 

    green aviation1

    Green Investing & ESG

    We believe the best entry point into the Green Investing subject is through action.
    Open Rotor Concept

    eVTOL. Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Hydrogen and Electric Aircraft. All the ways we will get to #NetZero 2050

    Why Choose the Airline Industry ?
    Cabin Crew Service Excellence

    Flight Attendant is a challenging role. It requires intelligence, fitness and problem solving to go along with a bullet proof disposition. We have Flight Attendant Training page with more information. 

    Ground Crew: The Airport Backbone

    We have a number of articles on the variety of Ground Aviation Jobs at the Airport such as;

    Airport Security 



    Airport Manager

    Duty Free

    Aviation Management: Behind-the-Scenes 

    Aviation Management is a broad category that covers the entire aviation Job spectrum. Head over to our Professionals or Undergraduate Pages for more details on formal courses. There’s also a great IATA Management Course page. 

    Advanced Air Mobility

    Aviation now and until 2050 is going to include a lot more than commercial transport aircraft. Check out our Advanced Air Mobility Job page and our Innovation page. 

    Education and Airline Training

    Have a look at our Courses and Training Page. With a selection of both Aviation specific and self-development courses. 

    Certifications and Licenses

    Check out our Engineering and AMT Pages here :

    Aircraft Engineering 

    Aircraft Engineer – The Job

    Landing Your Crucial Role

    Job Search Strategies

    One of our greatest attributes here at WingTalkers is our resources on how to reach your goals through hard work and goo training. 

    Here is just a few articles and guides on how to get ahead in Aviation :

    Airport Jobs

    Security Jobs

    How to be a Manager 


    Risk Assessment 

    Aviation Jobs : Industry Salary and Outlook

    Role Employer Salary (p/a)* Qualification Attributes
    Operations Manager Industry Wide $ 97,500 Degree Shift, Physical, Technical
    Customer Services Rep Airline $ 39,000 Higher Diploma, Experience Shift, Confrontation resolution
    Ticket Agent Airline $ 45,600 Higher Diploma, College Shift, Financial, organization
    Baggage Handler Airline $ 30,000 Higher Diploma Shift, Physical, Noise, Cold, Heat
    Cargo Agent Airline, Freight Forwarder $ 48,500 Higher Diploma Shift, Physical, Noise, Safety, Technical
    Airport Manager Airport, Airport Authority $ 115,000 Aviation Degree, Air Transport MBA Management, Leadership, Organization
    FBO Manager Fixed Based Operators $ 100,000 Higher Diploma, Degree Shift, Management, Organization, Regulatory
    Station Manager Airline $ 79,000 Higher Diploma Shift, Physical, Leadership, Organization
    Concession Staff Retail Company $ 30,000 Higher Diploma Shift, Financial, Management
    Ramp Agent Airline, Airport, FBO $ 45,500 Higher Diploma Shift, Physical, Noise, Management, Cold/Heat
    Air Traffic Controller FAA, CAA, Military $ 130,000 Degree, Specialist Skills Shift, Technical, Organization, Computational
    Food Preparer/Chef Airline, Catering Company, Airport $ 59,500 Diploma, Health Certificate Shift, Culinary skills, H&S
    Sky Cap Airline $ 45,000 Higher Diploma Shift, Customer Service, organization,

    *Salary is Median Range in US 2023 dollars according to the US Bureau of Labor statistics. This has been crossed referenced with five top G7 countries and found to be within 3-5%. For indicative purposes only. 

    The Human Side of Aviation

    We need Aviation professionals now more than ever. Diversity and inclusion should not be just a policy page on your website. Below is our trademark Airline connector where you can go to all of the key areas at an airline’s website. To see all 100 of the Worlds Top Aerospace Companies just click on the link. 

    Major Employers


    Other Commercial Aviation Sectors

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