Aerospace Graduates - The Next Steps

Resources for a career in Aerospace

Who this Guide is for

  • Graduate of a degree in Aviation or Aerospace field. 
  • Graduate of a Master’s in Business, Engineering or other.
  • Professionals looking at roles in the aviation field such as Air Law or Flight Medicine. 
  • Apprentices or Skill workers with aviation specific course qualifications.
  • Executives seeking employment in Airports, Airlines, MRO’s or Aerospace Engineering.
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So, you want to work in Aviation. Thank you! We need you. Hopefully, you’re in the fields of New Aircraft Design, or Propulsion or Air Traffic Management. Or Unmanned Systems. 

Or around Sustainability. Such as SAF (Sustainable Aircraft Fuel) Electric Aircraft or Hydrogen Fuel Systems. Or even someone who can figure out why bags go missing. 

Well, we would like to help you in your journey. And connect you to the companies, associations, and tribes that you seek. 


Why is Accreditation Important?

If you are looking at courses in Colleges, Universities or in the Executive Development sector – the most important thing to research is the accreditation

Especially given the fees they charge. And the time and resources you and your family must commit over several years. 

Also, since the start of the Covid pandemic a lot of institutions have moved courses online – available for students around the world in a virtual setting. Which is a great move, if it’s done well. 

The accreditation of these, and all courses, is vital for standards, quality and their absence can hurt your career. And your future. 

The more that you will read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you will go...

Dr. Seuss

There are two Types of Accreditation

These are:

  • Institutional 
  • Agency/Specialized

The institutional aspect is that which is controlled by government agencies in your country. It applies to the College or University as a whole. 

The Agency accreditation is a specialized non-governmental award that applies to courses, or programs or Departments within these educational entities. And it is these agency accreditations that we are most concerned with. Especially within aviation, where these agencies are clearly defined. 

If you are looking at courses or programs as part of your academic or professional education – make sure these accreditations apply. Or at the very least make sure you are happy with the accreditation that does. 

Airline Associations

Best Aviation Recruitment Fairs

  • The Royal Aeronautical Society still one of the best resources on the web for Aerospace Engineering careers. While the meet-up is in the UK, their support network and tools are some of the best
  • FAA Virtual Career fair managed by the Federal Aviation administration but fully online so a valuable experience for any English-speaking student looking at any Aviation role on the spectrum
  • United Airlines the Airlines do it too! So, it’s good to keep an eye on operators on your radar – some of which have opportunities in stations around the world
  •  Airbus the same goes for the OEM market. Boeing has a great careers website too with videos and resources. 
  • Canada Countries do it too. Especially those that have specialized aerospace sectors, like Canada on the technical side. Ireland on the leasing side. 
  • Aviation Jobs Expo some entities are job specific and there are many in-person and virtual events you can attend. 

Key Aeronautical Societies and Groups

Here's Groups and Societies specific to Aerospace:

  •  FAA Safety Team endless resources, content, and training across all sectors of aviation from the nose of the aircraft to the ATA tower.
  • International Forum for Aviation Research backed by ICAO with a list of members from around the Globe including the USA and China. This is all about active working groups working on Aviation’s biggest issues such as Fuel, Air Traffic Management, and new Composites.
  • Pegasus if you are based in the EU and you are looking at undergraduate courses in aviation, you need to be aware of Pegasus. It is a partnership of the EU’s top Aerospace Universities. 
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