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By the Three Engineers

Morgan, Eddie, and I have been around the block a few times. And the Ramps and Hangers of this world.  We’ve seen the old world of DC10’s, B747’s and A310’s transform into the B777’s, A350’s and B737Max’s and A320Neo’s we have now.  

The future promises more, at least we hope it does. Hydrogen and Electric vehicles and the UAS market will make travelling more sustainable and safer.

But the laws of Physics remain the same. And the design and development philosophies must be understood and respected. The reason we have such remarkable safety statistics in aerospace in 2022 is due to our history of innovation through safety.  

We also love to write. And to share our knowledge and experience through articles that both analyze and question the aerospace world around us.  Please feel free to get in touch wherever you feel you can or email us at [email protected] if there’s any subject you would like us to tackle. 

Chocks away. 

sale and lease back A350

The Sale and Lease Back Deal – Aviation Edition

Understanding Sale and Lease back Transactions in the Aviation Industry In aviation, a Sale and Lease back transaction is when ...
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aviation english A350 vhf

Aviation English Training : How to ICAO Level Up

Understanding the Core Aspects of Aviation English Ok first the bad news. While there are recognized bodies providing accreditation for ...
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Full Flight Simulator – A Guide for Young Pilots

Full Flight Simulators – Keep it Real Are you a young pilot, or still pre-pilot? Then listen up. A lot ...
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Next-Level Training: How AQP Makes Aviation Safer

Exploring AQP: Safer Performance-Based Training Recent FAA rule proposals on pilot training for eVTOL aircraft prompted us to revisit the ...
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Need Airplane Toy Advice ? – Chocks-on Right Here

Airplane Toys for STEM Education, and Inspiration The First Airplane Toy was invented by Alphonse Pénaud in 1871. Using a ...
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Airworthiness Review Certificate – What you need to know

What is an Aircraft Airworthiness Review Certificate? An Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) is a “health checkup” for an aircraft. It’s ...
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helicopter crash 2023

Helicopter Crash Trends: Understanding the Facts and Figures

Understanding Risk Assessment in Helicopter Crashes Helicopter crashes make the news. Especially deadly crashes where famous people are involved. We ...
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Dawn Cook Delta Airlines

Empowering Stripes : The Fascinating Journey of Pilot Uniforms

Evolution of Pilot Uniforms: Tracing Progress and Inclusivity The history of the Pilot Uniform is closely intertwined with naval traditions,  ...
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British Airways Emergency Landing

Unveiling the Top Causes of Aircraft Emergency Landings

Aircraft Emergency Landings – Why do they happen? An Emergency Landing refers to the immediate landing (or ditching) of an ...
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cockpit B737

Safety First: Combatting Loss of Control in Flight (LOC-I)

Enhancing Pilot Skills : The Role of Human Performance in LOC I Incidents Loss of Control In-flight or loc-i, is ...
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Navigating the Skies: Exploring Flight Information Regions (FIRs)

What is a Flight Information Region? A Flight Information Region (FIR) is a specific piece of airspace “real estate” where ...
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Boeing production line

Boeing 797: A Sustainable Future for Aviation

The Need for Sustainable Aviation: Why Boeing Should Produce the Boeing 797 Will the Boeing 797 ever go in production? ...
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