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Airplane Toys for STEM Education, and Inspiration

The First Airplane Toy was invented by Alphonse Pénaud in 1871. Using a rubber band to power his model design called the Planophore, he started a toy revolution that kids, students and adults still use today.

Which brings me to the theme of this article. Inspiration. Aviation needs inspiration right now. We need a lot of invention and reinvention.  Where are the next generation of bright young minds to get us to Net Zero in 2050. 


So if you skipped over the squadron of pictures of toy airplanes, looking for something more, inspiring…

Then welcome.

We want to reward you with our opinions on what we think are great Birthday gifts or Christmas gifts. Why? Airplane toys might trigger a life-long fascination with flight. A STEM Toy or Kit could inspire a young girl or boy help us find the sustainability solutions we desperately need. 

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    How we Chose the Best Airplane Toy

    Hopefully you know about STEM. If not, don’t worry. It means Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. There subjects are the pillars of engineering, technical and operational roles.

    STEM toys and STEM Kits help to develop these skills through play. Interaction with carefully constructed toys can teach young minds about Geometry, Function and how their hands can do more than click subscribe buttons… 

    So besides making sure we only suggest Green Toys Airplane’s – BPA free, we make sure your child is getting a motor skills workout as well as thought activities. All of our suggestions have only four-star and five-star reviews. 

    Why Choose the Perfect Airplane Toy?

    Last paragraph, I promise. Post 9/11, we locked our cockpit doors. Boys and Girls used to ask to come see the pilots inside these technological marvels. These visits made profound impressions.

    It did to me.

    I desperately needed to find out what was hidden inside these beautiful, cool, aircraft. We need to find other ways to give that inspiration again. All it could take is a real spinning propeller. 

    Aviation Toys for Preschoolers

    This multifunctional airplane car toy introduces children to STEM concepts through interactive play, enabling them to engage with mechanical systems, aerodynamics, and navigation.

    As a professional toy company, Auldey Super Wings is dedicated to creating quality toys that stimulate children’s creativity, imagination, and hands-on abilities. These toys are not only fun but also educational, making learning an enjoyable journey.

    The ‘Super Wings’ airplane toy kindles youngsters’ pilot aspirations by sparking their creativity, imagination, and enhancing their sensory perception through engaging light and sound features

    STEM helps - Wherever Your Child is Going

    Preschoolers engaged in STEM activities learn to appreciate the beauty and importance of exploration. Hands-on experiences with planes, observing flight, or imagining flying not only foster a sense of wonder but also instill a deep connection to the environment. This early exposure to exploration creates a foundation for future sustainability efforts.

    Waste Reduction Lessons

    STEM-based activities can introduce preschoolers to the concept of waste reduction. Through recycling toys and discussions on resource conservation, young children learn to value of flight. They begin to grasp that every small effort, such as reusing materials or minimizing waste, can contribute to a more sustainable aviation future.

    Energy Awareness

    Preschoolers can start to understand the importance of energy conservation through STEM exploration. Simple experiments, like creating solar-powered toys or learning about energy-efficient technologies, can teach them about renewable energy sources. These lessons instill the knowledge that energy is a valuable resource that should be used thoughtfully to protect the planet.

    Aviation Toys for Children (6-12 years)

    This building kit features an independent aircraft engine that faithfully replicates both the exterior and internal details. Modeled after the iconic GE-90 commercial engine used in Boeing 777 aircraft, it offers a true-to-life appearance.

    Young aviation enthusiasts will learn the fundamental principles of flight, including how wings generate lift and keep planes soaring through the skies. 

    Grab a sheet of paper, fold it, and embark on an instant adventure! Step into the cockpit of a smartphone-controlled paper airplane that’s all about high-speed tricks and endless fun. 


    I tell you, I could fly around this room with my eyes closed!”

    – Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

    STEM Toys for Engineering

    An award-winning STEM engineering kit for preschoolers inspired by the adventures of Karlie and Ty Omega. Explore their amusing journey while building models of 10 different vehicles using large, colorful plastic pieces, designed to nurture young minds’ creativity and problem-solving skills

    Educational and engaging, this engineering set offers 10 unique 3D building ideas, fostering the development of fine motor skills, dexterity, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. With color-coded rods and connectors designed for easy snapping, it’s a hands-on learning experience that sparks creativity and cognitive growth

    The BRIC collection has earned prestigious recognition, including the Specialty Toy of the Year Award, Seriously STEM! Award, and many more, making it a trusted choice for educational, STEM-focused, and quality playtime

    Our Choice : Airplane Toys

    The LEGO Technic Firefighter Aircraft is a hands-on experience to the world of engineering allowing children to uncovering the intricacies of firefighting operations and realistic aircraft movement through interactive play.

    Inquisitive kids can delve into the mechanics of helicopters with the LEGO 42145 Technic Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter set. This interactive model offers a deep understanding of how various components collaborate to craft an iconic search-and-rescue vehicle, complete with realistic details.

    Realistic, iconic aircraft models that include airplanes, helicopters and SpaceX vehicles. But its the Indiana Jones DC3 that wins this race. 

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