Aviation Executive Development

Why is this useful?

This resource is for all professionals working in the aviation Industry. Especially those that might move between disciplines – which happens a lot. For example…

  • Executives moving from Airports to Airlines
  • Engineers moving into Commercial roles
  • Flight Crew seeking Ground Jobs
  • Aircraft Leasing staff seeking technical training
  • Skilled workers doing MBA’s 
  • Commercial executives looking at MSC’s
  • Executives seeking Law, Accounting, or regulatory upskilling in Aviation

Accreditation is a great place to start. Then we’ll get to the other important things like Aviation Associations and Conferences further below, but for now most of you are looking at 3rd level education to bolster your CV. 

And how these educational institutions are validated professionally and perceived by Industry, is vital. Especially given the fees they charge and the time and resources you (and your family) must commit over several years. 

Also, since the start of the Covid pandemic a lot of institutions have moved courses online – available for students around the world in a virtual setting.

And so, the accreditation of these courses is critical for standards, quality and their absence can hurt your career. And your future. We don’t see a lot of conversations online on this subject – but there should be

Aviation Course Accreditation

Aviation and Aerospace Accreditation agencies

First, an important point.

There are two types of Accreditations.

  • Institutional 
  • Agency/Specialized

The institutional aspect is that which is controlled by government agencies in your country. It applies to the College or University as a whole. 

The Agency accreditation is a specialized non-governmental award that applies to courses, or programs or Departments within these educational entities. And it is these agency accreditations that we are most concerned with.  If you are looking at courses or programs as part of your academic or professional education – make sure these are the accreditations that apply to your chosen course. 

Aviation Masters Degrees (Online) - North America

An MBA, MSc or MFA are highly sought-after commodities by both career-minded professionals and employers alike. They require some form of prior formal academic achievement just to get in, and if you do, can take 12 to 36 months to complete. They are also expensive. And not just in terms of money, but they are expensive in terms of your TIME and your FOCUS.

So choose wisely. And don’t just focus on the Institutions name, make sure you check the syllabus. Make sure the skills advocated match those you need for your own journey. 

Aviation Masters Degrees (Online) - Worldwide

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