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Aviation Careers 2023-2050

The most effective way to decarbonize the Global Aerospace Industry is through aviation innovation. This includes researching and developing new technologies, such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel and eFuels, electric aircraft, and advanced materials. Additionally, improving operational efficiencies, such as air traffic control automation and streamlining flight paths, can reduce carbon emissions in the industry. Finally, increasing the use of ESG-focused practices across all areas of aviation (including airlines, OEMs, and lessors) is essential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from aviation.

What will drive this innovation is the kids and students who, right now – today – see the challenges Aviation faces and decide to choose a pathway that allows them access to the tools they need to deliver these solutions. 

Here are some the FUTURE ROLES

Sustainable Aviation Fuels Specialist

Sustainable aviation fuels specialists help develop and implement alternative fuel sources for the aerospace industry, such as biofuels, synthetic fuels and hydrogen-based fuels. They analyze various fuel sources to determine their sustainability and economic viability for use in aviation applications.

Air Traffic Control Automation Engineer:

Air traffic control automation engineers design systems that increase operational efficiency by automating air traffic control processes. This reduces fuel consumption and emissions from aircrafts due to more efficient flight paths.

3. Environmental Impact Assessor: Environmental impact assessors evaluate the potential environmental impacts of aviation projects such as new airports, airline routes or fleet upgrades. They examine the potential risks associated with these projects and recommend strategies to reduce any negative environmental effects.

Alternative Aircraft Design Engineer:

Alternative aircraft design engineers create innovative designs for aircraft that reduce carbon emissions while improving performance, comfort, and safety features. This could include electric aircrafts or other alternative propulsion systems such as fuel cells or hybrid engines.

Sustainability Operations Manager: Sustainability operations managers lead teams in developing sustainability initiatives within airlines or other companies in the aerospace industry. They coordinate with different departments to create programs aimed.

Future Aviation Roles


Aerospace Engineers

Design, development, and testing of aircraft, spacecraft and other cutting-edge technology are the main goals of the dynamic and fascinating discipline.
Gannt Manual

Aircraft Maintenance

Info about Aircraft Mechanics with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or an apprentice pursuing his Part-66 license from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)


Airport Operations

This resource is for anyone seeking jobs at the airport and want to know which ones pay the best and what qualifications are desirable. 

operations control centre

Airline Flight Operations

This is an overview of the various roles and responsibilities involved in managing an airline’s flight operations under both FAA and EASA jurisdictions.

Your Aviation Pathways

This guide is for students, undergraduates, university staff and parents and mentors. Find out about scholarships in the aviation industry.
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This resource is for all professionals working in the aviation Industry. Especially those that might move between disciplines – which happens a lot.
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Our Top 100 Aerospace companies list is not just career pages, we give you valuable insight into their innovations, ESG data, Diversity and Inclusion Policies and informational YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.
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